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Consulting Services

Leverage our expertise to ensure that your project runs smoothly, right from day one, no matter what

Solve Any Problem, No Matter the Size

The shortest path to finding a solution to a challenging problem? Find someone who has already solved the exact same problem and ask them to do it again. 

We have faced, and overcome countless challenges across an incredible range of projects in virtually every industry you can imagine; Chances are, no matter what you’re up against, we’ve been there before and have been able to uncover a creative solution.


Food Service Consulting

Don’t go it alone. Save time and money by leaning on our decades of experience.

Operational studies

Evaluate the financial viability of a new or current operation

Facility audit icon

Detailed survey report of a foodservice or laundry operation on a micro-level

RFP Development

Customized RFP’s listing requirements for a proposal to manage a foodservice operation

Expert Witness Service

Subject-matter experts for domestic and international trials or litigation

Branding & Menu Development

Modern, on-brand menu creation, including food and beverage offerings

Augment Your Team With an Expert Partner

It’s no secret that smart people surround themselves with expert advisors who can shortcut their results, minimize their risk of costly mistakes, and help them keep their initiatives on track. As the late great Steve Jobs famously said:

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Depending on the scope and scale of your project, you may need a small team that can run your entire project from start to finish. Or, you may have a great team already in place, and you’re looking for a partner with specific expertise in one or more areas. Either way, you need a partner who can fill in the gaps, and look out for your blind spots.


YoungCaruso personnel are highly experienced and professional food service experts and we are pleased with the work they have done!

Wendy A. Selig-Prieb, Milwaukee Brewers

We are now fully operation with what are arguably the finest and most technologically advanced back of house spaces in North America.

Richard Willett, Metro Toronto Convention CenterVice President, Food & Beverage

We are extremely fortunate to partner with YoungCaruso who are the pure definition of excellence within the food service industry. From impactful creative design to providing innovative solutions, Team YoungCaruso are true visionaries on re-defining the guest experience in venue. More importantly, we truly enjoy collaborating and learning from dynamic thought partners who set the standard!

Scott Marshall, Messenger SportsPresident

Have a Project in Mind?

Reach out to us to schedule a call to discuss your next project

Have a Project in Mind?

Reach out to us to schedule a call to discuss your next project